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BIO-BLOOM contains biotin, methionine and zinc, at levels shown to be beneficial for hoof growth, development of strong hoof wall and a shiny coat. These nutrients act together to improve hoof and coat quality. Weak, split or cracked hooves and collapsed heels are all factors that can cause lameness and loss of performance, or require a horse to be spelled. The old saying “No Hoof - No Horse" is still very true.
BIO-BLOOM will keep horses in work by preventing and speeding up recovery from hoof problems. Zinc is provided in a chelated form. Lecithin and full-fat soy meal contain essential fatty acids and quality protein to help produce a shiny coat and quality hoof horn. BIO-BLOOM also contains yeast culture, and assists recovery from laminitis at higher dose rates. BIO-BLOOM is the hoof supplement horses love to eat!
* Prevention and treatment of hoof damage that may prevent a horse from working.
* Coat conditioning where a shiny coat is required.
* Preventing hoof damage in horses with weak hooves.
* To aid recovery from laminitis.
* Aids mane and tail growth.
* To increase hoof growth where there has been loss of wall or major damage to the hoof.
Directions for Use:
(Doses per 500kg horse: decrease or increase according to bodyweight of the horse.)
30g: Increased hoof growth and strength
60g: Treatment of acute hoof damage and coat conditioning
>90-120g Recovery from Laminitis
1 scoop = 30g

SIZES: 1kg; 3kg; 10kg



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