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Jurocyl Injection 100ml
Jurocyl Injection 100ml
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JUROCYL is a pentavalent organic arsenical compound frequently used as a tonic in horses where stimulation of circulation to skin and gastrointestinal tract is required.

JUROCYL is indicated to promote appetite, particularly in horses under the stress of training and racing, in convalescence from illness including anaemias, and injury.

By improving circulation to the skin JUROCYL has an effect in promoting healthy coat growth and encouraging seasonal coat changes, particularly in those horses with dry coats.

JUROCYL should be given by intramuscular injection.

Adult Horses: 10mL weekly
Weanlings: 5ml weekly,
Foals: 2.5mL weekly.
Intensive courses: Above doses daily or every other day for 10 days.

Caution: Prolonged Use: Do not repeat treatment at intervals of less than 1 month.

Pack size: 100ml multi-dose glass vial.



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