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Rat Blitz 3kg
Rat Blitz 3kg
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Rat Blitz is a complete, specially formulated, ready to use bait to exterminate rats and mice. Researched by Ruth Consolidated Industries Pty Ltd it is manufactured in Australia. It works where other baits fail.

Rat Blitz is a specially designed rat poison to be used where other foods such as grain, seed, stored food is readily available to rats and mice. For this reason it is the bait of choice to control rats and mice on farms, in aviaries and zoos, silos, bunkers, ships' holds or anywhere grain and other attractive foodstuffs are stored. A household size pack is also available.

Rat Blitz contains 0.025% w/w 3- Acetonybenzyl-4- Hydroxy-coumarin, and works by preventing the blood from coagulating and at the same time damaging the walls of the rats' blood vessels. Over a period of approx 5 days, the effect of eating Rat Blitz is to allow the blood to escape into body cavities and muscles or flow out of the body. Rat Blitz does not kill instantly and thus has the major advantage of the symptoms of poisoning do not appear suddenly - which alerts other rats in the nest - and death usually follows in 5-7 days after feeding commences.
For this reason rats and mice do not develop "bait shyness" and continue to eat Rat Blitz even though they are slowly dying. This allows the complete nest to be wiped out not just single rats.

Unlike other popular baits Rat Blitz DOES NOT CONTAIN GRAIN. There's not much point in using grain based bait in areas where there is already plenty of grain or other food attractive to rats and mice. The unique formula of Rat Blitz is simply the most delicious smelling, scrumptious food rats and mice have ever had and they love it even when they have plenty of other choices.

Out of sheer necessity!!! Some years ago we purchased a poultry farm for experimental purposes to help us develop our extensive range of veterinary products. When we bought the farm it had been out of action for more than a year and was badly overrun with weeds, vermin and BIG RATS. All the sheds were pitted with rat holes and you couldn't move anywhere without seeing rats. They were huge and unafraid of humans. We tried all the conventional baits, we even used rat shot to shoot them but they kept coming back. So our boffins put on their thinking caps on and after much experimentation Rat Blitz was born. And we rid our farm of rats forever!

Let's start with what not to do: Do not put bait out in big piles. Most people pile a heap of bait on a tray and hope the rats will see and eat it. The first few will and while they are eating it they will also be urinating and
defecating on it spoiling the bait for other rats. In their own environment rats are fussy and will not eat soiled baits. Do not handle the bait. Rats are put off by the smell of humans. Do not use old baits. Fresh baits are much more attractive than old baits. We recommend baits be changed daily.
Now this is what we did on our farm and it works every time: Wrap small quantities of bait (no more than a tablespoon full) about 30 grammes or 1 ounce in thin paper such as rice paper or the pages of an old telephone book. Make plenty of these wrapped baits. The wrapped baits should then be thrown daily into areas where rats congregate or into rat holes. The paper baits should be freely distributed on rat trails or anywhere you see an accumulation of rat droppings. Don't forget wall cavities and roof spaces. Rats will not foul the bait when you use this method and all the rats in the nest will eventually eat the bait. It's important the baits are placed out of the way of children's prying fingers as well as dogs and other pets and farm birds.

Rat Blitz bait is highly attractive and, for this reason, care should always be exercised where there are children and domestic animals.
If you are worried about children and pets put the baits under sheets of iron or cut some plastic pipe into short lengths of sufficient diameter to allow a rat in, but small enough to keep out of sight of children and pets. Put the baits inside the short lengths of pipe.
Dogs and cats have to eat large quantities of the bait to be affected (if you are worried call a veterinarian). Normally it is not a worry. However the possibility of secondary poisoning from eating the dead rats should not be overlooked. Always dispose of any dead rodents as soon as you find them.

WARNING: Pigs are sensitive to the toxic effect of Rat Blitz and care should be taken to ensure that baits are not taken by pigs. Quite small doses taken for a week will be lethal.

SIZES: 3kg; 13kg



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