4CYTE Epiitalis Forte Gel Equine Joint Treatment 250ml


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4CYTE Epiitalis Forte Gel is a feed additive for horses that supports joint health. Epiitalis is a plant oil extract patented for its ability to: * proliferate chondrocyte cells (the main cells in cartilage) which actively 'tips the balance' back in favour of the production of healthy cartilage instead of degeneration * suppress the inflammatory chemicals responsible for poor joint function and inflammation. About Epiitalis Forte: * Simple "non invasive" application * Small cost effective once daily dosing * Can be taken in conjunction with other medications * Safe to administer and take long-term with no known side effects * Surgeon and veterinarian endorsed * Clinical improvements should be seen within 7-14 days * convenient GEL formulation. When to use Epiitalis Forte: * Supplement to address symptoms such as stiffness or a lack of willingness to perform; eg. jump, gallop or canter * Support for decreased joint function and joint health * Support for healing after joint injury or surgery * Preventatively to promote healthy joints in high performance horses Dosage: Loading: Start on 8g per day for 14 days Maintenance: After 14 days reduce to 4g per day. Dosage can be varied based on weight of animal and state of joint function. 236g tube will last 59 days on maintenance dose. Ingredients: Epiitalis® - extract from Biota orientalis Soyabean oil Apple flavour Rosemary extract Binders including; Maltodextrin, Thaumatin, Benzyl Alcohol SIZE: 250ml

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4 reviews


Excellent product and it works


From Victoria

Great product. Downside it is only sold "vet only" I would love it put out onto the open market. Price is a little high but it does work!!!



From Moulamein NSW

easy gel form to syringe over the tongue with a palatable taste. It is a very good retail price.

deliver was fast


From Perth

great to use when joints need a little help when you have a performance animal

Epiitalis really works for my horse


From Iverloch, Victoria.

My horse is rising 37 and was suffering with joint pain. After using Epiitalis he has improved remarkably. Epiitalis is expensive, but it works without side effects, so if your horse, of any age suffers from joint pain, and you can afford the outlay, I highly recommend it. Although there are markings on the syringe, not only are they not permanent, they do not give an accurate measurement. I suggest weighing as you do not want to under dose, but overdosing, whilst not dangerous, is very expensive . Remember that it needs to be given every day, so if you can't do this, it is not suitable for you to use. I asked my vet about using it for an elderly pet pig with joint pain, even though it specifies horses. She said to try it, but it did not seem to make any difference to him.