Poodles For Dummies

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Author: Susan M. Ewing. 
270 Pages.
Januaray 2007.
ISBN: 9780470067307.

The Poodle is known for her keen intelligence, excellent trainability, and, most notably, those signature curly locks. But there’s more to the Poodle than meets the eye (like, say, those expensive grooming bills). So, to Poodle or not to Poodle? That is the question.

With an overview of the breed’s history, an exploration of all three varieties (Standard, Miniature, and Toy), and 8 pages of full-color photos detailing the colors available and tips and techniques for grooming, Poodles for Dummies is filled with all the meaty information and enlightening morsels you need to decide if this refined beauty is a good match for you. You'dll get answers to your most important questions, including:

Which size Poodle is best for me? Which color?
How do I know if a Poodle breeder is reputable?
What are the pros and cons of shelters and rescue groups?
What do I look for in choosing a healthy Poodle?
How can I Poodle-proof my home and yard?
What’s the best way to introduce my Poodle to kids and other pets?
How often does my Poodle need grooming?

No matter which size, color, or gender you own, Poodles are not a "wash 'n'd wear" breed. But if you have the time, passion, and dedication to give her the training, exercise, and upkeep she needs, you and your curly companion will have a happy and rewarding life together.

Table of Contents:

Part I: Picking the Poodle of Your Dreams.
Chapter 1: Making a Match with a Poodle.
Chapter 2: Unwrapping the Whole Poodle Package.
Chapter 3: Deciding Whether a Poodle Is Right for You.
Chapter 4: Choosing the Best Poodle for You.

Part II: Living Happily with Your Poodle.
Chapter 5: Preparing for Your Poodle’s Homecoming.
Chapter 6: Welcoming Your Poodle Home.
Chapter 7: Providing Your Poodle with a Nutritious Diet.
Chapter 8: Keeping Your Poodle Clean and Attractive.

Part III: Training and Having Fun with Your Poodle Pal.
Chapter 9: Housetraining Made Easy.
Chapter 10: Instilling Good Manners in Your Poodle.
Chapter 11: Socializing Your Poodle.
Chapter 12: Hitting the Road with Your Poodle.
Chapter 13: Showing Off and Enjoying Your Poodle’s Talents.

Part IV: Maintaining Your Poodle’s Health.
Chapter 14: Taking Basic Care of Your Poodle’s Health.
Chapter 15: Considering Common Poodle Conditions.
Chapter 16: Staying Prepared with First-Aid Basics.
Chapter 17: Easing Your Senior Poodle into the Golden Years.

Part V: The Part of Tens.
Chapter 18: Ten (or So) Great Sets of Poodle Resources.
Chapter 19: Ten Ways to Help Your Poodle if Disaster Strikes.

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Great read

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From Gold Coast Australia

As with all Dummies books they are extremely helpful and essay to understand with lots of great ideas and tips