Aussie Dog Bungee Chook


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3 reviews


Aussie Dog Bungee Chook


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My dogs have had this toy for almost 4 years and have only just "killed" it. Now thats 6 Australian Stumpy Tail Cattle Dogs consistantly playing and tugging the turbo chook. THEY JUST love it. It is the BEST dog to I have had to date.Extremely strong and HIGHLY recommend it

Aussie Dog Bungee Turbo Chook


From Queensland Australia

My dog has had three of these toys. One stays at the holiday home and the others are at home. Mind you he does not play with it like instructed but hangs onto the rope piece and not the handle, however, if supervised he is fine. His favourite way of playing with it is to lift his feet off the ground and swing around like a Xmas decoration in the wind. As it is made in Australia we like it even more. A wonderful play thing and it keeps even an old dog active.

Not for all dogs

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From Australia

Not saying that it's a bad product, but my dogs just looked at it and haven't even had the remote urge to try it, even after much encouragement. I suspect that it probably suits larger breeds because it is quite tough and is bigger than I imagined. Pity there's not a small version (that probably would've worked).