Bio-Hoof Care & Repair

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Formulated to provide the essential nutrients required for the growth and maintenance of healthy hooves. 

The growth of a strong resilient hoof wall depends on an adequate supply of the vitamin biotin and the minerals calcium, sulfur and zinc. An inadequate intake of the structural minerals, trace-minerals and biotin, results in loss of hoof strength and easily broken away, chipped or cracked hooves in all horses. Biotin plays an important role in the metabolism of carbohydrates, fats and proteins. Biotin is a sulfur-containing vitamin that is needed in the formation of the bones, hooves and the skin.

Dosage: Adult Horses (450kg) 20g daily. Ponies (200kg) 10g daily.

Pack size: 600g, 1.2kg

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4 reviews


Will purchase from you again


From Victoria

The product is given daily in feed

At present I only buy one item from you. Very good so far.


From Agnes, Victoria.

Daily use in feed. Very easy and effective.

You can't go past good service for return sales.


From Welshpool. Victoria. Australia

As I said, you can't go past good service for return sales. Excellent progress reports on availability and freight.

Love this product!!

by -

From Adelaide, South Australia

Loooove this product, I have bought several 1.2kg tubs of this for my horse who is accident and illnes prone (due to no real reason), it was great when he cut his foot down to the bone and right down to the top part of his hoof and has helped him through several 'odd' hoof conditions including large (somewhat infected) cracks, abscesses, really soft soles and just generally cruddy conditioned feet. I would highly reccomend this product to anyone who has a horse with recurring problems as it has helped my gelding's hooves grow more steadily and much healthier and significantly stronger.