ForageWise Party Ball - Single

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Everyday is a foraging festival with these Bird Toys. Suitable for Conures, Macaws, Amazons and Smaller Birds. Two sizes available 2" and 4".

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2 reviews


ForageWise Party Ball - Single


From not supplied

I gave this item to my Lorikeet Jerry, he absolutely loved it, he played with it for days & even layed upside down on his back & held it in his feet & was picking at it the same time!

Hours of fun


From Sunshine Coast

Usually my Indian Ringneck would be the one to tear this apart (the large one). But my budgie decided that because it's breeding season she would forage into it, perhaps to make a nest who knows. So much to the point that she got in there and pulled all the paper out. I was left with a massive pile of paper on the cage floor but it took her days and boy did we have some peace and quiet! My IRN loves the small ones because I can stuff walnuts in there and he has to try and get his big head into the little hole. Also another great way to shut him up for hours. Will be buying these again asap!