Black Dog Treat Pouch Sock


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The Treat Pouch Sock is a removable liner which fits snuggly inside a Treat Pouch. It protects the pouch from sticky food residue and can be easily removed for washing, or to keep food fresh in the fridge. With a sock fitted, the Treat Pouch will work quickly and easily as intended - no need to work with cumbersome plastic bags inside the Treat Pouch.
Sizes available: Regular (to fit the regular treat pouch) and Maxi (to fit the maxi treat pouch)
Available colour: only available in black.

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1 review


I am here to buy this product again


From AU

I have used these socks in my Black Dog pouch it is easy to clean just a few drops of dish washing liquid and rinse under the tap. stops food fats and oils getting into your treat pouch if you use high value treats like sausage or chicken etc.