Colour-Max Coat Supplement for Dogs

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Colour-max is designed to provide the natural substances necessary for your dog to synthesise the pigments responsible for giving colour to eyes, hair, skin, gums, lips and nose. The result is an intensifying of the natural colour of the animal. Colour-Max does not contain dye and uses only natural ingredients to realise animals full potential. The ingredients in Colour-Max are also important for healthy hair and can result in a shiny and lustrous coat, thus improving overall appearance.

Colour-Max is suited to the following coat colours:
All other coat colours that may be of reddish-brown pigmentation or any combination of the reddish-brown and black pigmentation.

Colour-Max Black is suited to the following coat colours:
Pure Black
Pure White
Blue Merle
All other coat colours that may be of black pigmentation.

Dosage guide (daily dose based on animal weight):
Up to 2kg: 1/4 teaspoon
2-5kg: 1/2 teaspoon
5-10kg: 1 teaspoon
10-20lg: 1 1/2 teaspoons
20-30kg: 2 teaspoons
30-40kg: 2 1/2 teaspoons
40-50kg: 3 teaspoons
50-60kg: 3 1/2 teaspoons
60kg and over: 4 teaspoons

Formulations: Colour-Max; Colour-Max Black
Pack sizes available: 100g, 500g and 1kg.

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6 reviews


Colour-Max Coat Supplement for Dogs


From not supplied

I have been using this product for the last 2 years to assist in the pigmentation on my show Maltese and find it fantastic.

Colour-Max Coat Supplement for Dogs


From not supplied

Excellent product - arrived quickly and in good condition. Has to be mixed in with wet food as the dogs won't eat it on biscuits.



From Melbourne, Australia

I have a young puppy who is now 9 months old, but had a problem with nose pigmentation. Her nose looked like a 'snow nose'. So I started using Color-Max when she was 12 weeks old and slowly week by week, the nose was darkening up. By the time she was 8 months of age, her nose was totally pigmented and black as it should be. Will continue to use it even though pigment has come through.

Colour-Max Coat Supplement for dogs


From Western Australia

I find this product excellent for maintaining black pigmentation. However, I show my dogs so often use it on several. There should be a size in between the small & large size. The large size is both expensive & past its use by date before you can use it all. Especially if giving to small breeds who don't require as much as the larger breed dogs.

I would buy this product again.


From NSW

Since using Colour Max our dogs coats have improved and are now lovely thick and shiney.They grow back quicky and stay in coat longer.

Colour Max Black

by -

From Haven,Victoria

spoon on to food and feed daily to improve pigment