CSI Urine Stain & Odour Remover - Multi-Pet 5L


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CSI URINE is the new special agent in pet waste clean up. CSI URINE is a unique blend of natural enzymes, surfactants and plant extracts that attacks stains & odours at the molecular level to leave surfaces Forensically Clean. THE PROBLEM WITH PET URINE Pet urine has three components that ordinary cleaners can't treat: 1. Urea - a sticky waste protein product 2. Uric acid crystals - gives urine its terrible odour 3. Creatinine - proteins that cause bacteria to grow Pets (specially cats) re-mark when they detect the odour of their old stains, even when humans cannot smell anything at all THE PROBLEM WITH ORDINARY CLEANERS * Regular household cleaners do not work well on the three main components of urine * Harsh chemicals like bleach and deodorisers do not attack urine at its source * They leave urea and uric acid that attract pets to re-mark * They are hazardous to pets and humans and often damage surfaces CSI URINE IS NO ORDINARY CLEANER * CSI URINE uses smart science, not harsh chemicals * CSI URINE uses 'smart enzymes' to digest organic matter * It works on both new stains and old set-in stains * It prevents pets from re-marking * It works without scrubbing * It is 100% biodegradable and non-hazardous SIZE: 5L

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