Derisal Ointment

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This famous light coloured ointment is suitable for all cuts and abrasions and is especially designed for cracked and sore teats and general skin infections. Deri-Sal gives a barrier against mud and wet conditions between milking with the ability to stay on once applied for extended periods of time.

Active Constituents
Zinc Oxide 30g/kg
Boric Acid 15g/kg
In a base of blended waxes and oils

Suitable For

Pack Size: 500g, 2kg

Ratings & Reviews

5 reviews


Say goodbye to Psoriasis symptoms.


From Fraser Coast

Fantastic relief, like finding a pot of gold to relieve Psoriasis symptoms. From the first time I used it my skin started to heal. I have been on steroids and other damaging scripts for years but never again, it is not necessary, they did not help at all and Derisal was better relief from the minute I started to use it, all symptoms started to disappear and my skin is getting back to mormal again. Awesome cream.

Derisal Ointment


From not supplied

I bought the big tub of Deri-Sal for me! I suffer from severe excema and a veterinary surgeon referred me. It works fantastically, doesn't sting on broken skin and relieves the pain of excema almost instantly. So I can well imagine how soothing it must be for a cow with cracked or sore udders. Really, really fabulous stuff. Worth its weight in gold. I have never found such a product through the many dermatoogists I have visited so let's keep it a secret from the medical authorities!

I would not be without it


From South Australia

Used it on my dogs inflammed skin.It healed it up beautifully

Psoriasis treatment too


From West Australia

The best treatment I have found for psoriasis in humans after 40 years of expensive dermotogists creams. The doctors don't like it cause of the label with the cow on it but it works better than theirs !


by -

From Sweden

Helps me very much! Thanks for a very good product!!