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Dogs or cats with dry flaky skin, oily coats or unpleasant odours? Try Essential 6, the new spot-on skin care product that’s easy to apply.
Essential 6 has a unique combination of Omega 6 & Omega 3 essential fatty acids and essential oils that increase skin hydration and maintain coat and skin health, making it ideal for dogs and cats with dry skin, dandruff, oily coats or those who have a constant bad odour.
International trials have clinically proven that Essential 6 can:
  • Improve coat shine
  • Re-balance an oily coat
  • Reduce dandruff
  • Reduce unpleasant odours
  • Reduce non seasonal hair loss

  • How To Use Essential 6
    To apply Essential 6 follow the simple steps below:
    1) Break the snap-off top along the scored line, making sure the top is completely removed from the pipette.
    2) Part the coat at the neck (between the shoulder blades) and/or at a spot along the spine, until the skin is visible.
    3) Empty the contents directly onto the skin at one or more spots.

    Initial Use: Apply one pipette directly to the skin once a week for eight weeks.
    Maintenance Use: Apply one pipette directly to the skin every two weeks.
    Essential 6 should not be applied two days before or after washing.
    PAW always recommends regular grooming and brushing.

    With just one application every week for the first eight weeks, Essential 6 is simple to use and ideal for saving time when bathing is not an option, particularly where cats are concerned.

    Pack size: 4 pipettes

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    4 reviews


    Essential 6 for Cats


    From not supplied

    This product is easy to apply and has greatly helped my tomcat's skin and coat condition. He is lovely and soft now with no dandruff. It is easy to apply and works quickly. I don't like the 'fragrance' but it fades after some days and it does work!

    Essential 6 for Cats


    From not supplied

    I highly recommend Essential 6 it is easy to use & smells wonderful. I am using it to treat hair lose on my 12 year old cat

    Wow what a difference


    From Brisbane QLD Australia

    with an hour of applying this product, I noticed a definate decrease in scratching. He smelt really nice too and stilldoes nearly a week later. Coat is smooth soft and silky. The only problem was that I put it on a bit too low down and he tried to lick it off ending up with a foaming at the mouth effect. but no other issues.

    Essential 6 is fabulous


    From Brisbane, Qld

    Easy to use and my cat doesn't mind it but it has made a great difference to his coat and stopped him licking all day long as well.