Hill's Prescription Diet Feline i/d

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For the Nutritional Management of Cats with Gastrointestinal Disorders
Gastrointestinal (GI) disorders affect both the stomach and intestines, creating painful symptoms that can have an impact on your cat’s overall health. The most common symptoms associated with GI disorders are vomiting, regurgitation, flatulence, weakness, diarrhea or constipation. Prescription Diet® i/d™ Feline cat food is a highly digestible formula created specifically to help manage cats with GI disorders. There are several types of GI disorders that affect cats, including colitis, constipation/diarrhea, gastroenteritis and pancreatitis. The nutritional formulation of Prescription Diet® i/d™ may also be useful for pets with a variety of conditions.

Available in a dry food formulation and canned formulation.

To be fed under the supervision and recommendations of your veterinary surgeon.

Shipping available within Australia only.

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1 review


Wet food is great! Palatable to cats :)

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From Brisbane, Australia

I feed the I/d wet tin food to my 5yr old Tonkinese. Meg has a lot of digestive issues as a result of an unbalanced diet from her previous carer. At present Meg is unable to digest most foods, particularly dry food. If she does not eat the I/d she gets very uncomfortable an hour or two after feeding and paces until she has a rather unpleasant, highly noxious runny diarrhoea. Often her upset tummy causes her to be particularly bad tempered and vengeful. We had tried the Hills I/z tin wet & dry food previously but found it very plastic in appearance with a very sticky, jelly like consistency. I couldn't get her to eat any of it. With the I/d however it looks more like normal minced food and has a pleasant cat friendly aroma. The first time Meg ate it she hoovered it down! It's worked to restore normal bowel function and has enabled her body to get the nutrients she desperately needs. We've been having this food only, no treats, for over a month now. It's become a little boring for her it she still eats it at the moment. I wish this formula came in different flavours!!!!