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Designed to increase the appetite of horses that are picky eaters or are off feed due to stress.

There are many reasons why horses may seem to 'lose their appetite'. Some horses are just fussy eaters, while smaller horses have difficulty consuming large meals. However, many horses that are usually good eaters become picky or uninterested and start to leave food uneaten, particularly when work is commenced. When raced or competed on a regular basis, these horses lose condition, energy and the ability to perform to expectation and to recover quickly from exercise.

The effect of AppeTITE is instant.

SIZES: 946mL; 3.78L

Dosage: Feed 30mL - 60mL daily.

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1 review


Excellent product


From Mid north coast nsw

Appettite has helped our 36 yr old mare, start eating again after a traumatic experience, with a feral animal. She was losing weight,showing no interest in food, she hadn't eaten in several days.In desperation I surfed net and found Appettite, We gave her the first dose as soon as we received the product, 30 min later she was showing interest in food, She is eating now and has started to put a little weight on, we give her Appettite 2/3 times a day. Her appetite has improved,she is actually coming up to get food now.She is also a lot less stressed. We are very happy with this product and wou l d recommend it.