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The Lickables™ 1 Bites are straightforward - 1 simplified ingredient from 1 protein source that is 100% natural.
Available in four mouthwatering varieties (Roo, Beef, Lamb, & Ocean) that offers pets a choice and ensures that there is a snack in the range to suit any dog’s palate.
Lickables™ 1 Bites have the added benefit of coming to you in re-sealable packaging, which provides the convenience of being easy to store, while keeping the snacks fresh.

Each Lickables™ 1 consists of one simplified ingredient, which is pure meat of a single protein source without any by-products, artificial additives or fillers. This ensures that this snacks delivers the nutrition and quality that pets deserve.

Dehydration through refrigeration locks in all the nutritional benefits of fresh meat. There is no doubt that fresh, raw meat is part of the most nutritious diet for animals, Lickables™ 1 are the perfect snack to complement a healthy diet as the snacks are raw, with just the moisture removed.

BEEF BITES: Comprised of 100% Beef, this snack is high in protein to help dogs and puppies develop healthy muscles and & bones. When we say 100% Beef - we mean it! There are no by-products, offal, fillers or additives.
Nutritional Information:
Protein – 75.80%
Fat – 10.20%
Salt – 1.40%
Crude Fibre - <0.1%
Energy – 1,475kj/100g

LAMB BITES: 100% Lamb with no additives or preservatives, which ensures that your furry friend is receiving a snack that is nutritionally sound. Lamb is rich in energy which will keep your pet playing for hours. Lickables™ 1 come in re-sealable packaging which provides the convenience of being easy to store while keeping the snacks fresh with that tail wagging aroma your dog will love!
Nutritional information:
Protein – 59.60%
Fat – 19.90%
Salt – 2%
Crude Fibre - <0.1%
Energy – 2,610kj/100g

OCEAN BITES: Lickables™ supports all local manufacturing. You can rest assured that Lickables™ 1 Ocean Bites are 100% Australian Fish, which is a big lick of approval! Fish is also full of Omega 3 which is great for a glossy coat.
Nutritional information:
Protein – 64.70%
Fat – 0.60%
Salt – 2.30%
Crude Fibre - 0.2%
Energy – 1240kj/100g

ROO BITES: With only 1 ingredient, Kangaroo meat, Lickables™ 1 is as close to raw feeding with the added convenience of dealing with a dried and packaged snack. Kangaroo meat is extremely low in salt, making it a lickerrific choice for your furry friend. These cold dehydrated snacks retain maximum nutrition and stays fresh without the need to store them in the fridge.
Nutritional information:
Protein – 85.60%
Fat – 2.7%
Salt – 0.5%
Crude Fibre - <0.1%
Energy – 1350kj/100g

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4 reviews


Lickables Natural Treats 80g


From not supplied

This product has been received well by our Showdogs and as a reward treat they work really well. With No additives or preservatives and are high in protein and nutrients and low in fat this is a product I hunt for.

Lickables Natural Treats 80g


From not supplied

Our dogs love these and great to break into tiny pieces for training!!



From Brisbane

My dogs loved the strong aroma of these treats and because they are so light, dry and crisp they are ideal for training.


by -

From New South Wales

My dogs love these. Great for training or a reward after grooming.