Sheep-Dog Muzzle Lightweight


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Especially designed for Australian working dogs. The plastic cage has no sharp edges or corners and is very light. The smooth shape enables the dog to work in amongst sheep without getting wool caught up. Unlike wire cages wool can not be pulled through the plastic. 

Holes allow the dog to smell, and wide slots allow good air-flow. The dog can still drink without problem. Straps are PVC-coated
webbing, much stronger and more durable than leather, whilst still lighter weight.

Dimensions are: width of cage 8cm, height of cage opening 12cm. Weight 120gm

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1 review


Sheep-Dog Muzzle Lightweight


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fantastic muzzel, but my dog managed to take it off on the first day. i had to take it a part & re- adjust straps & sew it back to fit him.