Natural Animal Solutions Ear Cleaner 50ml


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Natural Animal Solutions Ear Solutions assists with cleaning out dirty ears. 

Witch Hazel
Lavender Essential Oil
Boric Acid

Use recommended dosage twice daily for two weeks. Stop treatment for one week. Then resume treatment again for one week. Apply ear cleaner to cotton wool and clean ear wax exiting at the base of the ear daily. Do not use cotton buds in ear canal.

Cats: 3 drops twice daily
Small Dogs: 1/2 a dropper twice daily
Medium Dogs: Full dropper twice daily
Large Dogs: Full dropper twice daily

If symptoms persist please contact your vet or animal

Pack size 50ml

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2 reviews


Gave great relief to our Collie


From Dalby Qld

We used these drops for just a couple of days and Dukes ear irritation has gone,

I will definitely be buying this again


From Adelaide

I have a westie who suffers from chronic ear infections and yeasty smelling ears. Along with changing his diet from a GOOD brand of canned/dry food, to raw and home cooked food i have been using this ear product instead of the vet product. Works really well. Max has not had an ear infection or been bothered by his ears since i started using this 3 months ago. Definitely a good product.