Natural Animal Solutions Eye Cleaning Solution 15ml


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Eye refresh eye cleaning solution.

Directions for Use:
1 drop in affected eye twice daily till clear.
If symptoms persist please consult your animal practitioner.

Pack size: 15ml

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3 reviews


A good, effective natural produce


From Brisbane, Queensland

I've successfully tried this with my year old foxie and it does work, giving him a lot of relief and stopping the irritation. He is a very active young dog, and gets into a lot of mischief, but his weeping eye problems has been helped greatly by this product.

Not as good as i had hoped


From Adelaide

I started using this with the ear drops as my westie also has dry eyes. But unfortunately I have had to revert to the hideously expensive vet ointment as this product didnt work for my dog. Max's dry eye are pretty bad, so i think this would be pretty good for a dog that doesnt have such a problem.

An execellent product

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From Hong Kong

I was recommended by a pet store to try this on my dog with eye irritation. I had tried many products before but they didn't work. After using this for just one week, the symptoms were all gone and now my dog has healthy, bright eyes!! This is really amazing. I will keep on purchasing this product for maintenance and cleaning.