Oralx Rebound-3 34g


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Under normal circumstances, the horse's digestive system functions effectively but in times of stress or illness, the horse may benefit from the use of a digestive aid like ORALX REBOUND 3

One of the early signs of stress is that the natural balance of flora in the animal becomes disturbed. The intestinal floras are as essential as the liver, kidneys or any other functional organ. The floras are important in the breakdown and subsequent absorption of nutrients to help insure that the body's protective immune system remains intact.

In addition to stress, chemical additives, worming remedies and antibiotics can seriously affect the composition of normal intestinal flora. ORALX REBOUND 3 is designed to help restore and maintain the desirable micro-organisms in the gut of the horse, not unlike a natural probiotic.

REBOUND 3 is an oral-dose paste containing an exclusive formulation of host-specific intestinal bacteria. The 30-gram syringe contains 3 full doses.


Newborn Foals: 10 grams at 24 hours; repeat at 48 and 72 hours.

Weaning: 10 grams at weaning; then at 72 hours.

Horses: 10 grams after worming; 8 to 10 hours prior to anticipated stress or condition changes. Can be repeated as needed.

Available in a 34g tube (3 dose).

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2 reviews


Oralx Rebound-3 34g


From not supplied

My horse has scoured for years, one treatment, and sooo much better, need to try another one to see if it contiunes to improve his manure. Better result than protexin.

Oralx Rebound-3 34g


From not supplied

I have given this product to my horse while he was scouring badly to help with his gut flora. He was dry after a couple of days . Now he gets it after worming and really likes the taste.