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Destructive cat scratching is the leading cause for cat abandonment and "requested" euthanasia. Sticky Paws' products provide the most cost effective solutions to cat scratching behaviour and inappropriate elimination problems.

Sticky Paws for Furniture:
* Stops cats from destroying furniture. * Helps control inappropriate elimination.
* Safe for furniture and cats.
* Transparent medical grade adhesive is odour free, easy to apply. 
* 24 strips per package. Each strip approx 2" x 12".

Sticky Paws XL:
* Deters inappropriate elimination. 
* Identical formulation to original Sticky Paws, but much larger coverage.
* Sheets measure approx 9"x12" and are for over-sized area needs like the backs of sofas, rugs and carpets. 
* Sticky Paws XL is especially effective to help control inappropriate elimination on carpet areas. 
* 5 sheets/pkg.
Sticky Paws on A Roll - Roll length 10m

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4 reviews


Sticky Paws


From not supplied

THIS IS A WONDEFUL PRODUCT!! Has stopped my cats from sharpening their claws on my lounge and also from getting into my pot plants. Highly recommended!

Sticky Paws


From not supplied

The idea sounds great, but it doesn't bother my Bengal walking on the sticky tape or even sitting on it. Maybe works on some cats but not the smart ones!

Effective product

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From Cherrybrook, NSW

I bought the extra large patches to put on the corners of the couch and it has helped by keeping the cats away. It is not invisible though.



From Central Aust

Cats used other furniture. I would have to cover every single piece for this to be effective.