Tuffy Green Alien - Captain Kurklops


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Product Description: This Tuffy's dog toy 15" long x 15" wide x 8" tall and comes with multiple squeakers. Take your pup to a new dimension with Captian Kurklops, the 8 legged cyclops alien! Fly him through your backyard galaxy and watch your dog race to pluck him out of the air. Get all your dogs involved in a squeaky game of Tug, or simply lay him down for comfort to keep all the monsters away. Your Pooch is sure to be pleased with this fun and adventurous toy! 

Vet Recommended and Approved!

Desert Construction: Each toy is made with 2 layers of industrial grade luggage material and 1 layer of soft fleece on the outside. All of the layers are sewn together to make one super strong layer of material. Each toy is sewn together with 2 layers of linear stitching. After the toy is sewn together an additional piece of black trim is added to cover the four rows of stitching. This extra piece of black trim is sewn with 3 linear stitches to give the product a total of 7 seams!

Tough Scale = 7. Now that’s one tough toy! The Alien Series are designed to be play toys and not chew toys.

Each toy is washable (air dry) and they float!

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4 reviews


Tuffy Green Alien - Captain Kurklops


From not supplied

Excellent, Great Dane puppy enjoying and has not been able to destroy!

Tuffy Green Alien - Captain Kurklops


From not supplied

Sash Absolutely loves this tuffie, it is her third, and definitely favourite. Lots of sqeakers!

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From vic.au

this is the only toy i buy for my big boy who is toy terminator. LOL.

Terrible, lasted 20 minutes

by -

From Brisbane

We gave this toy to our puppy and she destroyed it in 20 minutes flat. She loved it while it lasted but I would never recommend anyone to buy this product as we have many far cheaper toys that have lasted much much longer. We were really disappointed as this was supposed to be a treat.