Urimav Urinary Acidifier Tablets

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Primarily to reduce struvite crystalluria and dissolve stones in cats with feline urological syndrome.

Ammonium chloride 100mg/tablet, and 400mg/tablet.
Urinary acidifier.

Primarily to reduce struvite crystalluria and dissolve stones in cats with feline urological syndrome.
For use in: cats and dogs.

With high doses, gastrointestinal irritation producing vomiting and diarrohea.

Administer 100mg/5Kg bodyweight orally twice daily. Dosage up to 800mg/cat/day may be used.

Tablets: 100mg, 400mg: 100's, 1000's.

Store below 30°C (Room temperature). Protect from light.

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3 reviews




From Sydney

My cat had a urinary blockage and was in hospital for days with a catheter in. He won’t eat prescription food so he has half a urimav tablet day and night and so far he has been great! I only feed him wet food now too. Definitely no more dry food for my boy

Urinary Acidifier Tablets


From not supplied

Our cat was about 3 years old when he had his first and only bout of urinary crystals. He is now 16 years old and has Urimav every day with his evening wet meal - Urimav has enabled him to have whatever wet foods he loves without causing him problems and he has never had to visit the Vet with this problem in 13 years. As well as Urimav he has Feline C\DS daily and I can recommend both products for this complaint plus lots of fresh water. I am also very happy with the service and delivery I have had from Vetnpetdirect and I have recommended them to other pet owners.

Great Product.

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From Dirranbandi Qld

My cat who is 7 has had 1 serious problem with urinary crystals resulting in a 7 day stay at the vets. Once he was sorted the vet started him on this medication and my boy hasn't looked back since. He has 1 tablet twice a day but with him it can't be hidden in his food as he will just eat around it,tried crushing it and mixing iti in and he refused the whole meal. They are justsimple given as a whole tablet prior to meals. Since being on this medication he has not had another episode,thankfully. Prior to ordering this product I would suggest that you still have your vet check out your pet just in case it is something else.