ValuMAX Horse Worming Paste 32.4g

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ValuMAX Red Tube is a complete all wormer for horses that treats all worms, including tapeworm. 

ValuMAX Red Tube is highly effective against tapeworms, large strongyles (bloodworm), small strongyles (red worm), ascarids (roundworms), pinworms, hairworms, stomach worms, intestinal threadworms, neck threadworms, lungworms and bots. A reduction in the prevalence of associated colic could be expected. ValuMAX Red Tube is also effective for the control of skin lesions caused by Habronema and Draschia spp. cutaneous larvae (summer sores) and Onchocerca spp, microfilariae (cutaneous onchocerciasis).

One tube treats 600kg bodyweight.

Active ingredients: Abamectin 3.7mg/g, Praziquantel 46.2mg/g

Dosage: 6-8 weeks.

Available as single tubes or a 50 tube Stud Bucket
Rotational Worming Made Easy for your horse:
By now every horse owner knows or has heard about why it's so important to rotate your horse wormer to avoid worm resistance.

But did you know that most people purchase a different brand of horse wormer thinking that is all they have to do, when all they have done is purchase a worming product with the exact same active ingredient!

Sometimes it's hard enough to remember which brand of wormer you purchased last time, let alone if you need to purchase a rotational worming product. Value Plus has come up with a unique and simple solution for your rotational worming dilemmas.

The Value Plus Coloured Tube Worming Program takes the guesswork out of worming your horse. For more information about the Value Plus Coloured Tube Worming Program and the range of Value Plus Coloured Tube Wormers click on the "Click to see detailed images" above.

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ValuMAX Horse Worming Paste 32.4g


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