Vetafarm Blossom Nectar

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Blossom Nectar is suitable for Lorikeets, Honeyeaters, Sugar Gliders and any nectar eating animal or bird.

Supply fresh Blossom Nectar (in clean containers) to birds and animals daily. Use as part of the diet – other foods should be made available. Blossom Nectar may be spread over other foods to encourage intake

Wild Nectar Feeders: Place Blossom Nectar in a suitable dispenser in an area where wild birds and gliders visit.

Change nectar daily.

Size: 500mL;  1L;  5L

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1 review


Vetafarm Blossom Nectar


From not supplied

I have a rescued Musk Lorikeet who is doing really well on this product. He is healthy and very happy and loves the Nectar.