Voltage Paste 32g


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Voltage provides the nutrients for natural energy production and focus and concentration. 
Voltage is an all natural drug free & test free formula. Safe to use and works fast.
Administer a single tube 2 - 4 hours prior to event. 
Voltage contains:
* Tyrosine: which is involved in energy metabolism. 
* Histidine: helps clear nasal passages and is involved in the horse's immune system. 
* Arginine: has a role in insulin production and increases protein synthesis. 
* B Vitamins 
* Go Tu Kola: (please do not confuse with caffeine) is a source of B vitamin which aids in concentration and focus, energy metabolism, fights fatigue, improves blood flow efficiency and neutralizes acids in the blood stream. 

Voltage is not known to contravene any rules of competition, but if in doubt consult the event officials prior to administration.

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