Vetalogica Canine Senior Multi Tabs 120


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3 reviews


Easy on tummy, great for senior on medication


From Canberra

I'm not a big user of supplements, but one of my seniors is on a lot of medication so tried this multi and was pleasantly surprised.


<br>The tablet is very palatable and, unlike some other powdered supplements, has not upset his sensitive tummy. The skin condition he developed several years ago, for which I had tried skin supplements, has cleared up about 80% and his coat is looking better.


<br>I've seen no difference in my other senior, who is much healthier and not on meds. But she thinks this is a treat and doesn't want to miss out!

18 yr old us still up and running

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From Yarrawonga, Victoria, Australia.

My oldest dog is 18 yrs old and has gained more energy and vigour, using these vitamins. Thank you.

Great multi vitamins for senior dogs


From Richmond, VIC

My senior four legged friends absolutely love the taste and you can easily give the little pellets as a treat. The multi vitamins greatly helped my senior dogs build the strength and stamina they were losing as they were getting older. Now, they are almost back to their younger selves. Their overall health improved significantly. If you have a senior four legged fury friend(s) getting these multis is a must.