White-E Powder and Liquid

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During intense training and hard exercise harmful free radicals can build up in the muscle and tissue cells which decrease oxygen levels, utilisation of energy and affect muscle strength and power. Vitamin E acts as a natural anti-oxidant to prevent this buildup. 

WHITE-E powder contains a pure source of naturally derived vitamin E, the most powerful source of vitamin E. WHITE-E liquid is apple flavoured and is recommended for horses that sift out powders and for picky eaters, as it can be given by oral syringe over the back of the tongue.

Beneficial for:
- Muscle strength and stamina
- Strengthening the immune system.
- Horses susceptible to ´Tying-Up´.
- Reproductive function in mares and stallions.
- Protection against damaging ´free radicals´.

Why use White-E Powder & Liquid?
- Naturally derived Vitamin E has better absorption into the body and a longer lasting effect than synthetic Vitamin E.
- Available in powder, or a liquid for picky eaters who sift powders out of their feed.
- Vitamin E rapidly loses strength when pre-mixed into complete feeds.
- It´s a proven product with over 30 years on the market!

- White-E powder (per 16g dose): 826mg(1000iu) Vitamin E As d-a Tocopheryl acid succinate
- White-E liquid (per 60mL dose): 1000mg(1000iu) Vitamin E As dl-a Tocopheryl acetate

Powder available in 500g, 1.5kg packs.
Liquid available in 5L casks and 20L drums.

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