Aristopet Ear Canker Drops 50mL


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Dark gunk in your dog's ears? Excessive shaking of the head? Using paws to rub ears? A foul odour? Chances are your best friend has ear mites. Aristopet offers a simple and quick solution for Ear Canker in your dog. Ear Canker Drops gentle moisturising and non stinging formulation treats ear canker and mites effectively and safely. Dogs with lop ears are especially prone to canker and mites as the warm damp environment is a breeding ground for germs. Ear Canker Drops can also be used regularly as a preventative for lop eared dogs. DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Instill 4 - 8 drops into both ear canals twice daily for at least 14 days. If condition persists consult a veterinary surgeon.

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1 review


Effective! Good stuff


From North Ryde, NSW

Very effective! used to treat the ear mites for our puppy.