Aristopet Flea and Tick Spray

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1 review


I highly recommend this product,eliminates fleas quickly!


From Australia

My Mum had a pet store for over 20years and I am familiar with the complete range of flea treatments that are available and have always found Advantage Flea treatment effective in the past,but due to the age of my dog was a concern about what to do about the fleas that she had as she is 20 years of age,so I decided to use a natural flea spray.I applied it by spraying small amounts into my hands with gloves on and massaging it into her coat to the skin and then wiping the excess amounts left over off with a towel so that she didn't lick it and within one day there were dead fleas all over the place. I highly recommend this product to any canine or feline that is either sick or old,it is an awesome product!