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Adopt A Greyhound

  • by Bec
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greyhound-4blogRecently there has been a lot of media coverage on the Greyhound racing industry and some of the disgraceful training methods that were being practised and the way the dogs are treated. Rather than rehashing the same story I would like to talk more about the organisations that rescue and rehome Greyhounds and why Greyhounds make such great pets.

There are a number of fabulous organisations in Australia that are dedicated to saving and rehoming greyhounds, providing them a second chance at life. Most of these Greyhound rescues in Australia are non-profit organisations that rely heavily on volunteers and donations in order to keep helping these beautiful dogs. Greyhounds that end up in the care of these organisations have not necessarily been mistreated or subjected to appalling training techniques. Some of them are puppies, some have never raced and others may have raced, been injured or retired.

Before rehoming these Greyhounds the organisations will put them through veterinary checks to ensure that they are healthy or whether they have any underlying medical issues. The dogs will also undergo personality tests to determine what sort of home and family situation would be best suited to them. Once the dogs have been assessed these organisations will place them up for adoption and hopefully they will find a loving forever home.

Greyhounds really do make great pets for a number of reasons including;
* they are affectionate and loving
* they love people and being around people
* they require minimal grooming
* they are very friendly
* they are generally lazy, love to sleep and lounge around
* they don’t need a lot of exercise
* they are easy to house train
* they are gentle and generally good with children
* they are not aggressive
* most Greyhounds do not bark
* they usually get along with other dogs

Greyhounds make wonderful pets, although they are not suited for every home and every situation. It is important that before getting one you assess whether you, your home, family and lifestyle are the right fit for a Greyhound. Some things that you should take into account before getting a Greyhound are;
* they are sight hounds and will chase, therefore they should never be let off lead in an unfenced area.
* that you have a securely fenced yard.
* that any other pets you have will get along with a greyhound.
* that your work schedule and lifestyle will allow you enough time to spend with your dog.
* that you understand the ongoing costs of caring for a dog, such as vaccinations, heartworm, intestinal worming and flea treatments, food and veterinary costs.
* Greyhounds can live on average to be 12-14 years old, be prepared to commit to caring for them for at least this long.

If you are thinking about getting a new four-legged family member you really should consider if a Greyhound might be right for you.  A Greyhound from a Greyhound rescue or adoption program will make a loving and loyal pet and the bonus is that you are giving them a second chance at life by offering them a safe, loving home.

There are a number of Greyhound rescues and rehoming organisations in every state and territory throughout Australia. Listed below are just a few and more can be found by searching the internet.

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