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Bathing Frequency?

  • by Bec
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How Often Should I Bathe My Dog?

The short answer is – only when they are noticeably dirty or smelly.

Generally bathing your dog every 3-4 weeks is enough. Obviously if your dog likes to play in muddy puddles or roll in smelly things they may need to be bathed more regularly. Dog’s with longer coats may also require a more regular bath to keep the coat from knotting or tangling.

If you are bathing your dog with a medicated shampoo to treat a medical condition like fungal or bacterial infections or skin irritation you will need to follow the instructions on the product or use as directed by your vet. This may require you to bathe them frequently, even daily or weekly. If you are bathing them for treatment of parasites like fleas or ticks you will also need to follow the directions on the product.

You do not want to bath your dog too often as it can strip the natural oils from the skin and coat. These oils help protect the skin and keep the coat from become dry and brittle. If you do need to bath your dog frequently you should try to use a soap-free or moisturising shampoo to nourish the coat and skin.

Brushing your dog is also a good way to keep them clean during baths as it removes dirt and dead hair.

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