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Beating The Winter Aches and Pains

  • by Bec
  • 3 min read

LillyWith the nights getting colder and winter just around the corner, I know that Lilly will be a little bit stiffer and slower because of her arthritis.  Lilly is now 12 years old and has suffered from arthritis, degenerative joint disease, for most of her life.  Like other dogs, cats and people that suffer from arthritis, her symptoms are worse during cold weather.

Over the last six months Lilly has been doing really well and we seem to be managing her arthritis better than ever.  As prescribed by her vet, she is still having the non-steroidal anti-inflammatory tablet called Trocixil once a month and a course of Zydax injections once every six months.  We have also gone back to using Sashas Blend, a natural non-steroidal powder supplement, on her food every day.  These combined treatments seem to working brilliantly for Lilly and she seems to be happy and comfortable with barely any arthritic symptoms.

My mum’s dog Rose is a 12 year old Red Cattle Dog x Kelpie, who has just began to show some arthritic symptoms.  About six weeks ago she started constantly licking her leg where she had broken it a few years earlier.  Occasionally she would seem a little bit lame on it but nothing too severe.  As the licking persisted mum took Rose to the vet for a check up where it was determined that she was suffering from some arthritis.  The vet started her on a course of Zydax and suggested an arthritis supplement.  Rose didn’t like the taste of Sashas Blend on her food but she loves the Paw Osteocare Joint Health Chews.  These chews are a kangaroo flavoured chew that contain Glucosamine Sulfate and Chondroitin Sulfate, as well as MSM and a blend of vitamins and minerals,  to provide everyday joint care, helping to improve joint function and health.  Rose has now finished her course of ZYDAX injections and has her joint chews daily and there has definitely been some improvement already.

During winter it is important that animals that suffer from arthritis or joint pain are kept warm. If possible, it is best if they can sleep inside or in a warm kennel or at least in a protected area, out of the wind and possible frost. There are a lot of great pet bedsavailable in different shapes, sizes and materials which are perfect for providing your pet somewhere warm and comfortable to sleep.  If your dog is anything like my Lilly then they may need something extra to keep them warm.  Although Lilly sleeps inside she still feels the cold and wears a dog coatand even has a blanket for those extra cold nights.  I just bought her a new dog coat, the Designer Collection Nylon Dog Coat, in the Pink Zebra pattern.  I think this dog coat is great for Lilly, as the belly strap and double chest straps give it a nice snug and comfortable fit.  So hopefully by keeping Lilly warm this winter we will be able to continue to manage her arthritis and joint pain with the same success we have had during the warmer months.

If your pet suffers from arthritis or you just want to promote good joint health an Arthritis or Joint Health supplementmight be beneficial.   Arthritis supplements are not painkillers, but they do help to reduce the severity of the arthritic symptoms.  Supplements like Sasha’s Blendand Joint Guardwork by repairing damaged cartilage and providing the elements needed for new healthy cartilage cells to be formed within the joints.  Other products like Rose Hip Vital Canine are all natural anti-inflammatories that can help reduce arthritic pain.  Most of these joint supplements can take between 3-8 weeks of use before a change is noticed.  Therefore now is the perfect time to start them because arthritic symptoms are likely to get worse during winter.

If you think your pet might be suffering from arthritis or joint problems please consult your vet as they may be able to prescribe some medications to help ease the pain or advise on what supplement might work best for your pet.  You should always check with your veterinarian before starting any new treatments or supplements as they may interfere with current medications or any underlying health issue that your pet may have.

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