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Breed Breakdown – Abyssinian

  • by Bec
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APPEARANCE: Abyssinians are recognised for their short “ticked” coat, where every individual hair has 3-4 bands of colour. They come in a wide range of coat colours with the various coloured bands on the hairs. The most common coat colours are Tawny (golden brown ticked with black) and Cinnamon (copper ticked with chocolate). Also come in variations of blue, silver, lilac, fawn,cream chocolate, red and tortoise shell. Abyssinians are a medium sized slender cat with long legs. They have a round wedge shaped head with large expressive eyes that are amber, green or hazel with dark rims.

TEMPERAMENT: Abyssinians are active, high energy, playful cats and are very inquisitive, curious and intelligent. They are loving, affectionate and loyal.


MAINTENANCE: Low maintenance cat with little shedding and require only the occasional brush.

SUITS: Abyssinians are well suited to cat lovers and families. They love company and will get depressed without human interaction. They also get along well with dogs and other pets.

INTERESTING FACT: Somalis are a recognised breed that has been derived from relaxed Abyssinian breeding programs. They are basically a long haired Abyssinian.


Originally published in My Pet Magazine Issue 12.

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