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Breed Breakdown – Bengal

  • by Bec
  • 1 min read

AVERAGE LIFE SPAN:  11-13 years

APPEARANCE: They look like a smaller version of a wild cat. Medium to large sized cats with strong muscular body. Short ,thick ,soft coat with distinct spotted or marbled markings.

TEMPERAMENT: Are affectionate and love to interact with people. Very active and energetic. Curious and intelligent. Require a lot of interaction and things to play with and climb on.

MAINTENANCE: Low maintenance grooming wise, just requiring a weekly brush.  Bengals love food and should be fed good quality food but be careful not to overfeed.

SUITS:  Best suited to households where someone is home a lot to interact with them.  They are not particularly fond of young children but generally fine with other cats and dogs.

INTERESTING FACT: Most Bengals love water. It is not uncommon to find them trying to play in fish tanks or even join you in the shower or bath.

Originally published in My Pet Magazine Summer 2014-2015

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