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Breed Breakdown – Irish Wolfhound

  • by Bec
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APPEARANCE: They are a tall, lean, muscular giant dog breed. Characteristic rough, wiry coat, coming in a wide range of colours from white, black, grey, brindle and cream. They have a long strong neck and the tail hangs down with a slight curl.

TEMPERAMENT:  Loyal, sweet, calm, kind, patient and eager to please. They are generally good with children.

SUITS: A family lifestyle with human interaction and a large yard. They are best with someone that can continue to train and educate them.

GROOMING: They require regular brushing with a stiff brush at least once or twice a week.

INTERESTING FACT: The Irish Wolfhound’s average size can range from 71-90 cm at the shoulder and they can stand at 7 feet tall when on their hind legs.


Originally published in My Pet Magazine Autumn 2015.
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