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Cat Scratching Furniture

  • by Bec
  • 1 min read

My cat keeps scratching my furniture, particularly the corner of the couch. How can I stop her from destroying it?

There are a couple of products to help deter your cat from scratching in unwanted places, like the furniture. Sticky Paws are like double sided sticky tape, one side sticks to the furniture, carpet, curtains or wherever required and the other side is also sticky which means when the cat tries to scratch on them they can’t as their paws stick to it. The other option is No Scratch Spray which you spray onto the area you want to deter the cat from scratching. The blend of essential oils is pleasant to humans but cats do not like it so they should not scratch the sprayed area.

You should also provide you cat with somewhere that they can scratch, like a scratching post, so they can perform the natural scratching behaviour without destroying the furniture. Feliscratch by Feliway is a product that is designed to redirect a cat to scratching onto your desired location and is very useful to use on a scratching post or in the desired scratching place.

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