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Cloudy Fish Tank

  • by Bec
  • 1 min read

Why does my fish tank water keep going cloudy?

Cloudy water can be caused by one of the following things, or even a combination of a few of these.

1. Insufficient or Excessive Water Changes – Not changing the water frequently enough can cause a build up of excess food, fish waste and debris, leading to cloudiness. Changing the water too often can disturb the tank and bacteria bed which can cause cloudiness, but this usually settles within a few days. You should change 10-15% of the water once.

2. Insufficient Filtration – If the water is not being filtered enough times an hour it become cloudy. Ensure that the filter is the correct size for the tank and that it is kept clean and well maintained.

3. Overfeeding – A build up of excess feed in the tank is the most common cause of cloudy water.

4. Over-stocked Tanks – Tanks that have to many fish can become cloudy as there is more fish waste and they are harder to keep clean.

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