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Common Worms In Horses

  • by Bec
  • 1 min read

There are over 20 different intestinal worms that can be found in horses, the most common worms of concern for the horse population today are;

  • Large strongyles also known as redworms feed on blood, causing anaemia. They migrate through the intestinal wall into blood vessels and arteries where they can cause blockages.
  • Small strongyles or small redworms bite the the lining of the intestine, then feed on blood causing anaemia.
  • Roundworm sit in the gut and absorb nutrients, and if enough of them cause obstructions. Young roundworms live part of the lifecycle in the lungs and can cause damage to the lung and windpipe particularly in young horses.
  • Tapeworms attach to the gut lining, sucking and absorbing nutrients from the bowel  . They cause irritation, thickening, inflammation and ulceration to the gut wall and in large numbers can cause blockages.

For more information on intestinal worms in horses please look in the vet-n-pet DIRECT Help Centre for a number of relevant articles. 

Originally published in My Pet Magazine Issue 16, Spring 2018.
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