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Does F10 Kill Coronavirus (Covid-19)?

  • by Bec
  • 2 min read

The F10 manufacturer, Health and Hygiene Pty Ltd, has provided us with the following information regarding efficacy against Coronavirus (Covid-19):

“The F10 formulation has a complete spectrum range of efficacy and can most certainly eliminate enveloped viruses such as Corona. Correctly diluted, it is safe to use in the presence of humans and animals and will not damage equipment or harm the environment. Regarding the F10SC Veterinary Disinfectant we suggest you use a 1:100 (10ml/l) dilution on pre-cleaned surfaces and allow to dry naturally – no rinsing required. This our recommended High Level Disinfection concentration which will be effective if other micro-organisms such as bacteria are also present. If it is not possible to leave to air dry, please allow at least 5 min contact time before rinsing off. The product, at the same dilution, is also safe to use as an air sanitizer and can be applied through a mister, fogging machine or sprayer.

Proper hand hygiene is very important and one of the most effective methods in preventing the spread of the virus. The F10 range includes a number of Hand Hygiene products, all of which will deal with enveloped viruses – details are available on the website:

In an emergency, where hand decontamination is required but no hand sanitizers are available, the F10SC (1:100) can be used to effectively sanitize hands as well. Just spray and allow to dry.”

Please note that the groups of disinfectants that the WHO recommends for disinfecting Corona is nowhere near complete and manufacturer’s recommendations for dilutions and contact times are crucial in determining a product’s performance.”

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