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Dog Parks

  • by Bec
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dog_park-4fbDog parks – love them or hate them?

Australians love to get outside and enjoy our beautiful weather and so do our dogs. Recently I have seen a lot of “Dog Parks” popping up which is great that local councils are accommodating for mans best friend.

Dog parks are special parks that have been designed for owners to take their dogs for some “off lead” fun and socialisation. They are a fully fenced area designed to be safe and fun for your dog and often have agility equipment or things of interest for the dogs to play with. They can range in size dependant on the land available and some dog parks have been creatively designed and landscaped to take advantage of the natural surroundings like creeks, forests and hills.

But what do you think of dog parks, do you love them or hate them? Are you a regular dog park visitor or a bit wary of them?

To help you decide whether a dog park is suitable for you and your pooch here are some advantages and disadvantages to take into consideration.

Some advantages of dog parks include;
* Socialisation for both dog to dog interaction and dog to human interaction.
* Its allows people to socialise and bond over a common interest of their dogs.
* Stimulation and exercise, both physical and mental for your dog.
* Gives owners the opportunity to learn more about dogs by speaking to other owners and watching dogs interact.

Some disadvantages of dog parks include;
* Potential injuries occurring through interaction with other dogs.
* Potential illness being contracted through interaction with other dogs or dog waste.
* Potential for contracting parasites, such as fleas or worms.
* Potential liability issues if your dog was to have a fight or injure another dog or human.
* Some people may not follow general dog park etiquette which may reduce the enjoyment for you and/or your dog.

To make your dog park visit as pleasurable as possible for both you and your dog here are some good tips.
* Have your dog de-sexed (spayed or neutered). This avoids the unwanted attention or distraction involved when dogs are in heat.
* Ensure that your dog is fully vaccinated and up to date with intestinal worming.
* Do not take sick or injured dogs.
* Know your dog and understand what they do or don’t like when interacting with other dogs, so that you can avoid (when possible) any unsuitable situations.
* Watch your dog, they are still your responsibility. Always keep a close eye on your dog to ensure that they are safe and behaving themselves.
* Interact or play with your dog while you are their as well as letting them have time to explore and play with other dogs.
* Always pick up after your dog.

So the next time you are looking for something to do with your dog why not check out a dog park and see if you and/or dog like it. Your local council will be able to advise you where the dog parks are in your area or you can look for some dog friendly places at

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