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Dog With Dry Skin

  • by Bec
  • 1 min read

I have a dog with very dry skin, what can I use to improve his dry skin?

There are a few different causes that could be responsible for your dogs dry skin like the environment or weather, over bathing, allergies, parasites, fungus, poor nutrition that may lack essential oils or fatty acids or they can just have sensitive skin prone to dryness.

I would suggest using a moisturising and soothing shampoo and conditioner like Aloveen, Episoothe S or Nutriderm. Do not bath the dog too often as this can strip the natural oils from the coat, bathing once every 2-4 weeks is sufficient. I also suggest adding a skin and coat supplement, that contains omega’s 3,6 and 9 as well as essential fatty acids, to your dogs food. Some suitable products to help improve dry skin include Essential 6 for Dogs, Vets All Natural Omega Blend and the Natural Animal Solutions Skin Pack.

If the problem persists or your dog becomes very itchy or unwell I suggest speaking with your veterinarian. Your vet will be able to examine your dog and run skin tests to determine the cause of the problem and provide medication if needed.

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