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Horse Treats – Good and Bad

  • by Bec
  • 1 min read

Everyone likes to spoil their equine friend from time to time but there are some things that are ok as a treat and some things they really shouldn’t eat. Here is a list of good and bad treats to keep in mind the next time you are spoiling your horse.


  • Small pieces or slices of fruit and vegetables like apples, carrots, bananas, strawberries, pitted dates and raisins.
  • Sugar cubes or peppermint candies, not a healthy choice but a couple occasionally is ok.
  • Hay/lucerne cubes.
  • There are a number of commercially produced horse treats created with the horse’s nutritional needs in mind while being tasty and appealing for them.


  • Broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, brussel sprouts and kale can cause severe intestinal gas.
  • Potatoes and tomatoes may cause toxicity.
  • Unpitted stone fruits; the pits could be choked on.
  • Lawn clippings can contain parts of toxic weeds or plants, change the pH of the gut., could cause choke.
  • Fresh bread or doughy items can cause a blockage.
  • Chocolate – some horses like chocolate, one piece wouldn’t hurt them although it can cause them to return a positive drug test.
  • Keep in mind that treats are not for all the time and should be fed in small amounts and only occasionally.

Originally published in My Pet Magazine Issue 14.
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