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Horses Teeth

  • by Bec
  • 1 min read

Do horses need their teeth checked and how will I know if my horse has a problem with her teeth?

All horses should have regular dental check ups. They should be checked as foals then every six months until their permanent teeth have erupted, usually at about five years of age. After this they should have yearly check-ups or if a problem arises. Teeth should be checked by a qualified equine dentist or a veterinarian. During a check-up they will be able to float sharp teeth and remove any problematic teeth.

Some signs that your horse may need to have their teeth checked include;

  • dribbling or excess saliva
  • dropping food
  • unwilling to eat or reduced appetite
  • soaking feed in water
  • drinking a lot while eating
  • weight loss
  • swollen face or jaw
  • visible sores in the mouth
  • problems when being ridden like fighting the bit, hanging to one side or head tossing.

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