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How To Give Your Dog A Tablet

  • by Bec
  • 2 min read

Giving your dog a tablet isn’t always the easiest thing but at some point in their life they will need either a worming tablet or other medication. So here are some helpful how to tips to help you give your dog a tablet.

1. Firstly, always check the medication and make sure you are giving the right dose. If you are unsure or have any questions contact your veterinarian.

2. Have your dog in a sitting position.

3. Place your hand over their muzzle with your thumb on one side and fingers on the other side, just behind their large canines / fang teeth.

4. Hold the tablet between the thumb and index finger of the other hand, and open their mouth by gently tilting their head up and gently pushing on the lower jaw if needed.

5. Place the tablet at the back of the throat, as far down as you can safely reach. If you find this difficult, a Pet Piller is a useful tool to have as it helps get the tablet down further and saves your fingers.

6. Close their mouth and hold it shut, keeping it tilted upwards, while rubbing the outside if their throat to get them to swallow.

7. Ensure the tablet has been swallowed, so watch them for a minute or two after as some dogs learn to hold the tablet in their mouth and spit it out later. Giving them a treat as soon as you let go makes them eat and swallow but also provides positive reinforcement.

8. Don’t forget to praise your dog for doing well and taking their tablet.

If you find this is too difficult you can always try putting the tablet in a bit of food like cheese, meat or sausage and see if they will just take it like a treat. Otherwise, see if a chewable tablet is available that they may just happily eat.


Originally published in My Pet Magazine Winter 2014.
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