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Keeping The Snakes Away – Like St Patrick!

  • by Bec
  • 2 min read

Saint_Pattys_Day_4blogOn March 17th many people around the world will be wearing green and
cheerfully celebrating St Patricks Day.  When most people think of St Patricks Day they think of Ireland, green, leprechauns, shamrocks and of course Guinness and alcohol.  But what about the snakes?

Thats right, one of the legends of St Patrick revolves around banishing snakes from Ireland.  The legend says that St Patrick chased all the snakes from Ireland using a wooden stick or club.  The snakes were banished into the icy cold seas and never returned to Ireland.  Yes it is true that Ireland has no snakes, whether this is because it is infact an island surrounded by icy cold water and the snakes couldn’t make it there from the mainland, or the legend is true, you can decide.

If you are looking for a few ideas to help keep snakes away from your house and yard I suggest trying these, rather than chasing them with a big stick like St Patrick did.

*  Keep all grass cut as short as possible
*  Keep gardens simple, dense ground cover will provide hiding spots for snakes and their food like frogs, mice and skinks.
*  Keep areas clean and rubbish free.
*  Try and keep rodents away from the house, use traps or baits if necessary.
*  Keep wood, sheets of steel or any materials up off the ground
*  Reduce or remove any possible hiding places for snakes, remember they can fit through holes the size of your little finger.
*  Use snake or mouse mesh around the bottom of the fences.  It is s specifically designed 5mm gauge mesh that snakes and mice can’t get through.
*  There are also a number of different snake repellers available that work by delivering a pulse of vibration and sound to deter the snakes from the area.

Remember that it is virtually impossible to 100% snake proof your yard.  Therefore it is important to be aware of possible hiding places and be vigilant, especially during summer when they are moving around more.  Make sure to take care when gardening and wear high boots when in long grass.

If you do see a snake in your house or yard it can give you quite a fright, but remember the snake is probably more frightened than you are.  Stay away from the snake and let it pass and move on.  If you chase them or try to harm them you are more likely to get bitten.  Killing  or intentionally harming any native animals, including snakes, in Australia is illegal.  If you need to get a snake removed there are many snake catchers and snake handlers around in most areas.  Either search the internet or contact your local council or veterinarian for contact details of someone that can help.

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