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Meet Beau

  • by Bec
  • 2 min read

boys (468x600)After losing our beautiful dalmatian Lilly, it took a few months before I was ready to look for a new four-legged addition to our family. Lilly was so special and a very important member of our family, so they were going to be big paws to fill.

We know that no dog would ever be able to replace our Lilly, but perhaps, if we were lucky enough, another very special dog would come along.

We were lucky enough!!

beau-4blog The newest member of our family is Beau. Beau is an 8 year old (his birthday was yesterday) male, golden Cocker Spaniel. He is adorable and seemed to fit in with our family immediately. Although he is a bit older he is in good health, very active and loves playing with my young kids. He is ball crazy and has already destroyed a few balls during the process of his games. He also loves to swim, you can’t even open the pool gate without him jumping straight in and doing a few laps.

We had always intended on getting an older dog from a rescue organisation as I like to think we could offer them a second chance at a happy life. We found Beau through Cocker Spaniel Rescue Queensland Inc. We never specifically wanted a Cocker Spaniel and it was just by chance, or fate, that we found Beau. As soon as I met Beau at his foster carers house I was in love and knew he was the one we were waiting for. After a meet and greet and going through the adoption process Beau came to live with us on a one month trial. He instantly settled in and we knew he was never going to leave. He is now officially ours and the whole family adores him and I think he adores us too. Beau has definitely found his forever home!

If you are thinking about getting a pet please consider getting one from a rescue organisation. There are many breed specific rescues and a lot of animal shelters full of all different pets. Rescue pets have ended up in that situation due to no fault of their own and they all deserve a chance at a happy life. By adopting a rescue animal not only will you have a loyal and loving pet but you may just save a life!

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