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Military Dogs

  • by Bec
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Alongside our brave men and women who serve and protect our country are some very special, well trained dogs. As a dog lover it melts my heart to see some of the beautiful images and tributes that go around on social media about soldiers and their dog’s. The bond that these soldiers and their dog’s have is remarkable and based on trust, respect and love.

The most common breeds used as military dogs are German Shepherds and Belgian Shepherd Malinois, however many other breeds and crossbreeds are used, provided the individual dog is well suited to the job at hand. Training these dogs takes a lot of time, effort and commitment. Understandably the dog and handler form a very unique bond built on trust and mutual respect.

Dogs are used in military situations because of their highly sensitive sense of smell and superior hearing. Well trained dogs are extremely obedient, responsive and have the ability to work for an extended period of time. The dog’s speed, which can reach up to 30km per hour, and their weapons pack of intimidation, strength and 42 teeth make them a valuable member of any military unit.

Military Working Dogs are highly trained for work in both domestic and international environments. The main roles that these Military Dogs are used for are;
*  Detection of explosives, narcotics, people and other prohibited items.  
*  Tracking the movements of people and/or groups for various operations, usually in adversary areas.
*  Providing an early warning of dangerous situations.
*  Personal protection for handlers and groups.

The jobs that these dogs perform is invaluable making them a very important member of not only the Military Forces but also the community.

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