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Mind like a sieve? How to remember your pets monthly treatments.

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Mind like a sieve? How to remember your pets monthly treatments
With such busy lives these days it’s very easy to miss our beloved pets monthly treatments. One of the #1 reasons why products can fail to work properly is due to lack of adherence to the recommended treatment intervals. There are a number of things you can do to try and make this task a little easier.

Many manufacturers include treatment reminder stickers with their products which you can stick onto your calendar. There are also options to sign up for email reminders at most of the major manufacturer websites.  Examples below:

Frontline Plus


Interceptor Spectrum

Sentinel Spectrum

You can also set your own monthly reminders or alarms on your mobile phone and even sync it across your email calendar to get sent email reminders.

Something that works for me is to time our monthly doses with the start of each month. So not only is it pinch and a punch time for us, its also treatment time for our pets.

Some of the complete dog allwormers such as Drontal require dosing (under normal circumstances) every 3 months. You can tie these doses in with the change of the seasons. So as soon as Spring arrives for example, you know that it is time for your pets regular worming treatment.

Regardless of which method you choose of course you should always stock up early as soon as you run out of a particular product. At vet-n-pet DIRECT we can even set up a regular order for you at a time period you specify. You will be contacted when the order is due to be processed and you can choose to proceed with, edit or cancel the order. If you are interested in having this service set up for you please contact our friendly Customer Care Team.

Have you got any special tips of your own that you use to keep track of your pets treatments? Please feel free to leave a comment and share these with us.

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