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Should I be bathing my dog weekly?

  • by Bec
  • 1 min read

Should I be bathing my dog weekly?

It really depends on why you are bathing your dog:

If you are treating a skin condition then weekly or even more frequent bathing may be required with a treatment product.

If you are bathing them for external parasite control and you are finding the frequency to be a burden, then there are alternative products available that don’t require such frequent administration.

If you are bathing your dog so they are clean to be an inside dog, then it depends on how dirty they get in between washes. If you must wash them weekly then be sure to use a dog friendly shampoo as dog skin and human skin have a different ph. Also don’t use something like laundry wool mix to wash them in as your dog is not a wooly jumper!

If you are bathing them because they smell, and they haven’t been rolling in something, then the smell may be coming from a skin infection that needs to be specifically treated.

Without additional information its hard to give a specific answer to your question but hopefully the above helps a little.

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